Oct 12, 2017

TIPS FROM TOP - “US Healthcare Industry” by Mr. Ashish Chandra, Associate Director, United Health Group

On Saturday, 7th October, 2017, the Industrial and Management Engineering department of IIT Kanpur had the opportunity to host a very insightful and informative seminar by Mr. Ashish Chandra on “Healthcare Systems and Analytics”.

The seminar commenced with Mr. Chandra introducing himself. An alumnus of IIT Kanpur, Mr. Chandra has worked in various top tiered Pharma and Healthcare companies, and has 12 years of experience as a decision scientist. Currently, he is the Associate Director of United Health Group, prior to which he had worked for seven and half years in Market RX.

Mr. Ashish started the seminar by talking about what is healthcare. Then he explained the various models in healthcare provision: National Health Services - Beveridge Model, Social Health Insurance - Bismarck Model, Community Based Health Insurance, Voluntary Health Insurance, and ‘Out of pocket Payments’. In each of the models he talked about the revenue sources, groups covered, pooling organizations, and care provision.

Mr. Chandra then went on to describe the US health care system which is an amalgamation of two major models - the government sponsored program, and the private sponsored program. In the USA, healthcare is a very sensitive issue due to the exorbitant medical cost. Elections are fought over this and this is one of the key constituents in political manifestos.  The concept of ‘Over investment but less effectiveness’ was discussed.

In very simple terms, the speaker talked about the various opportunities to make healthcare more affordable and effective. These include - migration from fee-for-service to new provider payment models, consolidation of healthcare stakeholders, widespread use of data and analytics in patient care, spending and utilization for specialty pharmaceuticals, Medicaid expansion due to healthcare reform, migration to value-oriented healthcare marketplace, growth and performance of accountable care organizations, role of technology in patient engagement, and increasing patient cost sharing. Mr. Chandra also talked about the plans of Google to launch a pill that will revolutionize diagnoses.

Mr. Chandra explained how the healthcare system is shifting towards precision medicine, where doctors will potentially be replaced by computers, and will make analytics and data driven decisions. Artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data will empower physicians, scientists and patients alike with the latest, most accurate clinical understanding in real time.

The seminar was very interactive and it was a great opportunity to learn about the health care industry, its current situation, and the direction in future. Mr. Chandra also advised the audience on how to prepare for future corporate life. It is imperative to keep learning and keep improving every day if we wish to make a mark in this world.

Oct 11, 2017

Tips from Top – "Taming Technology for New Age Brand Marketing”. Mr. Rahul Khurana, Client Servicing Director, Geometry Global

This Sunday, was anything but a usual day at IIT Kanpur. The ever enthusiastic students of the MBA course, learnt some clever ways of how brands are leveraging technology to create enduring connections with consumers.  Rahul Khurana, CSD, Geometry Global took an insightful session on 'Experiential Marketing' showcasing some of the best and award winning work and some compelling case studies.

He highlighted how consumer experience is set to redefine marketing and the way we have moved from mere encounters to transforming engagements worth leaving an impact on the purchase decision journey. His diverse experience on working on some of the most iconic brand campaigns translated into a stimulating session for the IITians and left them asking for more. He asserted that the industry has moved beyond the difference of above the line or below and how the client's appetite has evolved to seek a holistic solution. 

Apart from sharing some captivating ideation triggers and affiliated distinctive global cases, he brought alive the role techno managers - marketing professionals with engineering background like the current management batch at IIT, will play in paving a way for embracing the new era of marketing innovations. Data, artificial intelligence and technology has not just enabled marketers to seek measurable and definitive results but have almost killed the old ways marketing dollars were spent. 

With a hope that technology is here to stay and is set to change the way how brands interact with consumers, the very enthusiastic IIT batch is set to unleash the power of technology combined with their marketing prowess, in their careers ahead.

Sep 27, 2017

The Dawn of A New Beginning - MBA Batch 2017-19

“Opportunities multiply as they are seized.” -Sun Tzu

‘I am an IITian’, even after two months here at IIT Kanpur this one line still fills our heart with excitement. Each one among the 54 students here who have started the journey into the MBA programme of IIT Kanpur, batch of 2017-19, feels that pride and with that equally realizes the responsibility it carries.

We started our journey here on 20th July. Meeting our batch mates for the first time still feels thrilling. Though we knew each other through the whatsapp/facebook group that was created by our seniors to make our registration process as smooth as possible. We were given several assignments before the registration to give us an inkling of the idea of how life at IIT Kanpur is going to be. Assignments were planned in a way such that we get a hands-on experience on case studies, presentations, group activities and article reading. We began burning the midnight oil as a precursor to actually doing it, and how! These assignments united us all as a team and we got to know about the strengths of us all, while developing bonds that will carry on the rest of our lives, if not the next two years alone. Here at campus we were given certain treasure hunt tasks to make our bonds even stronger, to compartmentalize working as a team. The icing on the cake was the way seniors interacted with us to make us feel at home with each student being assigned a mentor to help him/her with the issues in hostel or maybe studies. There remained no question unanswered and no qualm unaddressed.

We are a batch of 54 students who represent pan-India cross culture ethos here within the campus, giving us glimpses across the large subcontinent. There are students from Punjab, Delhi, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh from the north, Maharashtra and Gujrat from the west, Kolkata and Chattisgarh from the east, Madhya Pradesh from the centre and Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka from the south. Living with mates of such diverse culture creates a really exciting environment where we get a look into the very adorable quirks and admirable idiosyncrasies. The average age of the students in our batch is 23.5 years, with an approximate female to male ratio of 1:4. Our batch has huge academic diversity of students, with some having work experience of more than 40 months to students who just completed his/her undergrad working together on the same project, which indeed creates a good amalgam of freshness and experience. Average work experience of the batch is 18.3 months with experience in reputed companies such as Amazon, OYO, TCS, Hexagon, Accenture, Genpact, IMS Health, Feedback Infra, ISMT Limited, RIL, MRF, ZTE, EValueserve, JSW Steel, DENSO, Binary, Semantics, L&T, Infosys, Sopra. Students have worked in domain of management, internet securities, risk management, mechanical design, maintenance management, business analysis, technical training, marketing and Quality assurance.

Managing work and academia with other co-curricular activities is very important in life and students from our batch have mastered the art of balancing these various facets. There are students who have huge experience in public speaking, to students who have played multiple sports at different competitive levels and some with diploma in Tabla. Students with fascination in standup comedy not just lighten their own stress but also act as anxiety busters for each of their batch mates, OAT being the stage for such relaxing moments of jokes and music. Some specialize in dramatics and extempore, others indulge in competitive sports for the mind such as contraption, Rubik’s cube solving and chess Living in this lush green campus, out of the individual comfort zone, is itself a joyful but adventurous ride.

With hearts full of boisterous excitement and the grey cells full of active ideas, this batch believes in standing united to take all further challenges head on. Having been given the opportunity to create something special and bask in the further glory of the spoils that come from the work ethic that we will develop and inculcate among ourselves. As Shery Sandberg rightly says:

“If you’re offered
a seat on
a rocket ship, DON’T

just GET ON!”

  MBA IIT Kanpur
  2017-19 Batch